Tuesday, 29 July 2014

River of Blood

It won't come as a surprise that my morning routine is pretty simple.

The sun wakes me. I stow my thermarest and stuff my sleeping bag away. Walden then takes me to the nearest Starbucks. There I quickly brush my teeth etc - then settle in with a coffee and check my email for work.

Today I decided to shave. In my haste I cut myself (new razor). I knew I had taken a good chunk out of my chin but for that split second before the elevator doors opened - I thought that I might get away without bleeding.


I started to bleed out like a stuck pig. It ran down my chest and dripped off my chin into the sink. It took a while to staunch the bleeding - so after cleaning the bathroom like a crime scene, I finally came out clean shaven and sheepishly ordered my morning coffee, all the while holding a bloody paper towel to my face.

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