Monday, 28 July 2014

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playthings.

I'm currently in Squamish, BC - the "outdoor recreation capital of Canada" - at a fucking Starbucks.

Starbucks has always been big  part of the plan as it provides a cool place for me to work - however, the sad thing is - I've been caught up since I rolled into town. When you work at Starbucks consuming copious amounts of caffeine laced products - shit gets dooooonnne. Yet, I keep returning despite a lack of work - a familiar pattern is slowly emerging - I'm bored, lonely and I am idly spending time on my Facebook attempting to fill that social hole.

At the outset of this experiment (for lack of a better word), I was looking forward to unplugging - particularly from Facebook. I love/hate being socially connected/disconnected from everyone in my life.  As computers are a hobby and job for me, I've almost constantly have Facebook open - I am finding that tether difficult to cut (I've refrained from a cellular data plan for this very reason). It's one of those things, can't live with it - can't live without it.

Facebook exemplifies how much I enjoy/need socializing. This surprises me, as I've always felt pretty independent - sometimes finding socializing downright exhausting. I wonder without social constants, if that need is increased. Is seeing a friend daily for a week more satisfying than seeing seven different friends? Going on dates with many women less satisfying than loving one?

I feel a bit like I'm waiting for someone to call and only have a land line (yes - the good old days). Logically, I should just carry on with my life, if it's that important...they'll call back.

Obviously one way to avoid this is to keep busy - but I can only run so far - figuratively and literally. 

Having only a tenuous social connection to Squamish - it's the really first destination in my journey where I don't really have something to do/someone to visit. I did laundry and some cursory exploring today but found my outlook lackluster. Don't get me wrong - I'm still really enjoying this and feel there are a lot of perks. If I'm brutally honest, I probably would be almost as bored and lonely in an apartment.

I've started to try reading Walden's namesake Walden by Henry David Thoreau - a book about a the author's time alone in an isolated cabin. Perhaps it will lend some insight to isolation.

I do look forward to seeing my orienteering family this weekend in Whistler.

Shadow creeping up the chief this evening.

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