Sunday, 10 August 2014


I think I my summer plans may have climaxed too early...

I'm back in civilization after spending a couple of nights in Savona, BC for the Western Orienteering Championships. People who are unfamiliar with BC tend to think of our lush rainforests of the coast - however, the area the competition was held in is brutally hot (mid to high 30s) and arid. The dry, open forests here make for good orienteering as they offer infinite route choices. I had a slightly better showing than the COCs last weekend but I am still finding myself off course and lost.

Sort of how I'm feeling now. Up until now, I've had places to be - people to see...AOCs, COCs, it's felt much like a road trip (essentially it is - except I have no home address).

Not that the novelty is wearing off but it's starting to dawn on me that driving in circles around the province isn't really what this is about. At the same time, I don't feel it's time to 'settle down' either in a city (as it's not about that either) - I feel that chapter will come in September.

So the big question is - what now? As my Dad always says - the difficulty in life is the choice...

Incidentally for all you vandwellers out there - Kamloops Walmart does not allow over-nighting.

Some pictures from the area:

Big fan of panoramas. :-)

Graham going for gold.
Chilling on a dock after an event.


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