Friday, 15 August 2014


I had a damp night last night.

It rained heavily.

At first, I felt nice and cozy in Walden - the rain drumming on his roof. Beats a tent right? However, at time went on, things weren't as rosy (though far from miserable)...

First two issues were my fault, my silk liner was still slightly wet from laundry - as it was a cool, humid day - it didn't dry as rapidly as I have grown accustomed to. My body heat dried fully as I lay in it - which added to the ambient humidity.

Second issue arose when I spilled my Nalgene! Whoops. Luckily it was only half full and was in a spot that I could avoid while sleeping. It didn't help - though, to date, I am impressed with how his carpet deals with spills.

Finally, all the windows needed to be closed as water was trickling in. Even the slat windows in the back.

I woke up to a very humid van. This makes me think I'll need to take more drastic measures in order to survive winter...I'm starting to seriously consider more radical modifications to Walden (ie. cutting additional/hidden vents or adding independently powered fans to his existing ducting (he is pretty deluxe and has ceiling/rear ducting which might come in handy).

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