Friday, 27 February 2015

Passport Please

We arrived in Mexico City yesterday.

During the check-in, the hostel staff asked for our passport (standard procedure). I stuck my hand into my bag pocket where it always is - only to find it wasn't there. After a quick, progressively sweaty search - I handed my bag over to my ladyfriend.

She couldn't find them either!

We quickly retrace our steps. The passports have lived in the same spot, more or less undisturbed, until we bought my ticket.

She swore she put them back in the bag!

So at this point, the hostel staff takes our drivers licenses. Meanwhile, our lives flash before our eyes. Stuck in Mexico. Gf needs to be back for the 4th.  I've already spent 330 on a non-refundable ticket leaving in two days...


I am just about to loose my mind when my hand lands on the passports.

Disaster averted. Best feeling ever. :-)

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