Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hostel Report

I'm starting to cater some of my posts to prospective travelers.

The original plan was to find a cheap short term apartment rental. We tried a few sites like AirBnB and Craigslist but didn't have any luck. I know the deals are out there (we ran into a couple that had a water front apartment in Punta de Mita for $900/mo - but I think it requires a combo of luck and planning ahead.

So instead - we've found ourselves at hostels (all of which have been booked through I can't say we deviated far from the recommendations online (I think all we top rated) - but in case you needed more anecdotal evidence. Here is a brief description of our experience at each (I would recommend them all):

Lush Hostel (Sayulita):
  • I liked the dorms. The beds were sturdy and pretty private feeling (despite 8-10 to a room). 
  • The lockers had a plug in them (great for electronics) - however the hole in the latch wasn't big enough for a standard combination lock (had to buy a smaller one down the street)
  • Seemed pretty clean - no real complaints. The shower in our dorm didn't drain properly (despite being brand new). 
  • It was very busy, mostly Canadians (everyone staying there was super friendly)
  • Location was great - but then again, everywhere in town is within walking distance.
  • There is a bar on the roof. Which is great when you want a beer - but on the other hand, there is a bar on the roof - bring some ear plugs. The bar technically shuts down at 12 but we found the party didn't - but that really depends on the people.
  • My only real complaint is that it was expensive (250 pesos a night per person) - but Sayulita is expensive - so that makes sense.
Hostel Hospedarte Centro (Guadalajara):
  • Location was good. In the old part of town - a good base for walking around.
  • The beds were pretty flimsy - so if the person on either bunk moved it transfers to the other.
  • Felt very secure (always needed to be buzzed up)
  • Super quiet. Clean.
  • The bathrooms left some to be desired. Clean but old -  however the showers, however, had the best water pressure/hot water.
La Catrina (San Miguel de Allende):
  • Private dorms are cheap and cozy.
  • Super clean!
  • The guys working the front desk are super helpful/friendly. Probably the best staff so far.
  • Wifi works well. Plugs are everywhere (even on the roof!)
  • My only complaint is that the acoustics made it really loud. Noise travels well in this hostel. Again. Earplugs are the solution. (Update. The 4 person dorm was much quieter than the double bed single room).
  • The showers lack water pressure (so washing long hair would be a pain).
La Casa de Dante (Guanajuato):
  • Best breakfasts ever (cooked by the Mexican version of my mother). This alone made the stay worth it.
  • Million dollar view from the dorms/terraces.
  • Super clean!
  • Only small issue (as is usual down here) was the internet. Works fine in the kitchen but doesn't reach the dorms. Seems to be a pretty standard issue (rebar and brick/cinderblock construction).
Hostel Cathedral (Mexico City)
  • Well located. As the name suggests, the terrace over looks the cathedral, main square.
  • Was pretty average. The dorm we stayed in could've used a once over. Both our reading lights didn't work (Gf's strobed like a night club) and the toilet ran constantly.
  • Clean.
  • The breakfast was pretty tame. Cold eggs and toast/jam.
  • The Wifi was pretty crap/inconsistent- even downstairs in the main area.

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