Friday, 10 October 2014

US Food Plan.

I did a big food shop at Walmart last night. I decided instead of eating eat/buying daily while I'm in the states, I will reduce my number of purchases by doing a larger shop of non perishables.

I did my best to get the 'healthier' options...easier said than done in a Walmart.

For the curious - below is a list of what I ended up with:
  1. Raisins
  2. Grape juice (most of the options were water/high fructose corn syrup maquearading as juice).
  3. Bread (I already had peanut butter - it's delicious but even the fresh bread at Walmart has a looong list of things in it)
  4. Soup (Chunk chicken noodle)
  5. Ravioli
  6. Instant Macaroni (I know, I know - I was curious how this would turn out made on a stove).
  7. Unsweetened apple sauce
  8. Pudding
  9. Oatmeal
For immediate consumption:
  1. Ham 
  2. Bolt house smoothie

(I know they are the best options but I had to balance taste with the options available)

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