Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Surprise, surprise - I'm at Starbucks - this time in Crescent City. I overheard the brainless barista beaking about how Canada hasn't done anything important (he was referring to the fact that we're testing the Ebola vaccine). I took that opportunity to get a refill and flash my maple leaf Starbucks card (as good as my passport). I didn't rebut his statement - I just let him serve me my coffee. The maple syrup in my veins has cooled down so I can get on with today's post...

Last night I popped down to a beach called "College Cove" - I was promised by the internet that it was clothing optional. Being a tid bit hippy and in need of a proper bath I figured it was a good spot for me. It was a stunning location - secluded and pretty empty (a few surfers and a group of young adults drinking). I approached the group and inquired about the clothing optional bit (I hadn't seen any signs). They said they didn't think it was but didn't care - and as they represented the majority - in I went!

It was a brief dip....just enough to rinse away the days of stink. I figured there are sharks in the area, and anyone who knows me - they are my kryptonite. I am convinced I am going to die by shark attack, so I didn't dally in the water (I felt they were probably there watching the seal-like surfers). After drying off, the group was suitably impressed and called me 'gangster' - which I can only assume is a colloquial compliment (or they knew exactly how many sharks were in the cove).

After cooking up some soup - I spent some time on some bluffs and at another beach taking photos. I then spent the night at the rest stop north of the town.

In the morning, I got up early and drove north along the 101. The redwood forests lay ahead and I wanted ample time to enjoy them. Enjoy them I did. I spent the morning wandering amongst them and driving the scenic route. Unfortunately - it started to rain which put a bit of a damper on things. Just a reminder that it IS October and what it'll be like in Vancouver.

College Cove

Walden being his usual studly self.

My side of the mountain.

Wandering amongst the giants

Walden next to a redwood
A mighty redwood

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