Saturday, 11 October 2014


Walden and I just rolled into the bustling metropolis of Klamath. The drive here was pretty uneventful, the weather 'meh' and a little lacking in the scenery department (flat pine forest). I need to start researching my routes _before_ embarking on them - I drove by Crater Lake which in retrospect I probably should've swung by.

Leaving Bend was hard but I was starting to get into a routine so it was time to move on. On the way out grabbed cash. It cost $5 to process (I'm unsure of what my bank will charge) - but now I can live a little in terms of small expenses without always having to charge the old plastic. VISA then locked my card - so when I filled up at the Town Pump - I couldn't pay and had to wait 30 minutes on hold to unlock it. Luckily the dude at the station was really nice and I was on my way south soon after.

I probably could've warned VISA of my intentions - but I did that before going to Europe and they stilled locked my whatever. VISA if you are listening, make an easy and secure way to unlock the card (or the ability to have it unlocked for a certain period)...instead of waiting on the phone listening to horrible music causing a massive jam at a gas station.


My first impression is that Klamath Falls once was a fairly important center - now not so much. Not to say it's not nice, just quiet and a little vacant feeling. I'm expecting more of this as I explore into Nevada (juxtaposed with Reno) - I think it's what I've been looking for - something different.

Google Maps LIED to me...sort of at promised me a Starbucks in Klamath Falls but it turns out it is just a kiosk in a Safeway!

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