Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hidden Gems

Saw my first cockroach last night - didn't even phase me. I'm obviously starting to acclimatize.

We have been exploring the 'hidden beaches' in the area. The good thing about hostels is that there is a 'collective' knowledge that gets past along amongst the people staying in them.

The last two beaches we've been are good examples. They have been spectacular and frankly we would probably not have found them without tapping into that knowledge base. They are a little 'out of the way'....but by Sayulita standards that means a short walk. I'm not sure if people are lazy or just don't know about these other beaches but they are great. Yesterday's beach had massive surf which was fun to frolic in. It was much longer than 'private' cove the day before but was mostly empty.

Today we are looking into de Marietas Islands, which are very touristy (first thing that popped onto my radar when i was researching Sayulita) - but look amazing regardless of that.

Updates soon. Pictures below. :-)

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