Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Goodbye old friend.

It's a new year - it's 3am and I'm at Starbucks again. It feels familiar yet change is in the air. Or literally about to be. I'm at YVR - the launch pad - the start of new adventure.

Walden is gone. I finished that chapter tonight and signed him over to a new owner. It was sad to see him go but it was you probably got the gist from my blogging - or lack of it, living in a van had run it's course (for now)*. As hard as I tried, I couldn't rationalize keeping him - seeing as I don't know when I'll be back, or if I'll need him when I just

With fond memories on my mind - I waved after him as his tail lights disappeared into the night - his squeaking blending into the ambient city noise.

The next step is to reel in my Starbucks dependence that I established over the summer. The good news is - where I'm going doesn't have a Starbucks (within 40km at least) - so I can detox while I'm out of the country.

The current plan is to hop on an airplane and fly to Mexico with my girlfriend to enjoy an indeterminate amount of sunshine and surf. The length we stay hinges mainly on what we can find for accommodation. So far we've got 5 days booked at a hostel.

This is the first trip of this type for me (open ended / unplanned) - so it should definitely be interesting. Maninvan is now is Maninmexico...

We leave at 6 - if all goes well, the next time you read this blog - we'll be in Mexico. 28ºC and sunny is tomorrow's forecast...just saying... :-)

*I did get to bring in the new year with Walden in Victoria. I drove down island to attend the orienteering meet on the 1st. I'm glad I did - nice to have one last kick at the cat before selling him.

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